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The Prize Fight was written as a guide to prepare for Spiritual warfare. I've taken some of the techniques, strategies and information shared with me from my father, Larry Holmes, who held the Heavyweight Boxing Championship title from 1978 to 1985, and applied them to the Word of God. Pastor Misty’s book is not a theoretical examination of the Word of God, but an explanation of the Word that flows from the wisdom of revealed truth and practical experience. I have witnessed the transformation that God and His Word have created in Pastor Misty’s life. As she has applied the Word of God to her life, I watched God transform her from an insecure and suicidal young woman to a powerful prophetic voice in the earth. The second edition of The Prize Fight, is an expansion of Pastor Misty’s original printing and is a “must have” for Pastors, Lay Leaders, or anyone who is struggling or that is helping someone who is struggling to be free of the snare of the enemy.

The Prize Fight

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