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More Than Conquers

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Apostle Misty Holmes Dorsey

When the Bible tells us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, that is

what He means. Whatever weapon has formed against you has no power to

destroy or conquer you. We spend so much time focusing on witchcraft,

sorcery, curses, etc., that we forget God created us and all that is on earth.

There is nothing present on the earth without God. Nothing is more

extraordinary, more significant, and more powerful than God. Remember, the

earth is His footstool. God reminds us throughout Scripture that he is the I AM

and that He is greater than any witch, demonic presence, or demon activity.

God has equipped you and me with the power and authority to silence anything

that comes with a different word outside Him. The devil cannot stop, destroy or

kill what God has purposed in your life. When God has purpose flowing through

you – you win! Stop giving attention to a witch or a demon because they have

no influence on you. Change your speech and decree those things that are God.

What God has blessed, no man can curse. You are blessed and highly favored

by the Lord. Ask yourself who has your attention?

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